Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reflections of You

As we live day to day it's easy to think that the rest of the world is getting crazier and crazier - just watch the news. But have you ever watched yourself? Sometimes the craziness is actually within you, not without, and the world as we see it is a reflection of our own self. There are a number of ways to do this in order to ultimately improve yourself and the quality of the life of the people around you.

Perhaps the best way to surface your own issues is to look at your friends and family and ask yourself, what are the things about those individuals that make you feel anger, or what do they do that make you lose control of yourself and your emotions? If you would just take some time to reflect upon this, you may find that often the very things that you hate in other people are the very traits that you also carry with you! Does their constant procrastination drive you crazy? Perhaps you procrastinate also and are really angry with yourself. Use these reflections to improve yourself instead of trying to "fix" the other person.

As a personal example, I have always found that people who appear to lack backbone, and are too overly accommodating people seem to lose my respect. In fact, in some cases when people are very timid, it made me actually feel a bit of hostility towards them for not standing up for themselves. I realized later in life that I used to also have those same traits and as a result, I was really getting angry at the reflection of myself that I was seeing in others.

As the law of attraction and quantum physics will attest, the outside world is simply a reflection of you. Everytime you feel anger, seize the moment and be grateful - you are being given an opportunity to figure out what inside of you needs fixing. We all know that living with anger can literally take years off of your life, but it's never too late to change. If you are willing, take these reflection of the outside world to improve your inside world and when you do, before you know it the outside world will also change.


Anonymous said...

probably true. when i think back about some of the things that drive me nuts i also realize it's the other persons ability to just be relaxed and have fun and not take things so seriously that drives me nuts

Indah said...

Hahahaha.. it's soo true.. if we're honest with ourselves.. sometimes the things that we hate about others are the ones we have in us, hihihi :D