Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Book Review: LAW OF ATTRACTION, by Michael J. Losier

So as part of my obsession with The Secret, I stumbled upon this book at the library, entitled Law of Attraction. It was a decent book and similar to The Secret in many ways, but without further contrast, let me give it a quick review.

This is a quick read. The book is only 142 pages with illustrations and charts so you can burn through this book in a matter of a couple of hours. It is worth the read and spends some important time on areas of the LOA which other books tend to gloss over and that is “allowing”.

For those looking for help with the LOA this book has a variety of charts which you can fill in which can help you gradually get to the point you need to be vibrationally in order to attract into your life what you are looking for. The book spends quite a bit of necessary time on how our limiting beliefs and deep, subconscious doubts can impede our progress. As it says, having any sorts of doubts about your wish coming true actually prevent it from coming true.

This book was actually a fun read, and even better because it is much more interactive than most books. There are simple games to play and tidbits of advice which other books don’t offer. I did find it interesting how Losier was not huge on daily affirmations. After reading much of Louise Hay’s work, affirmations seem to be gaining popularity (I can’t help but think of the guy from Saturday Night Live looking into the mirror saying “I’m good enough and dog gone it, people like me.”) The author of this book however claims that I you don’t believe the affirmation then it has the opposite effect.

All in all, a decent book. Quick read and intro book for those new to the subject.

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