Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A New Start for Everyone

Now having finished all of my academic goals, I have decided to take this time off to spend time with “Me” to explore myself and reflect upon my life and the things that have happened – including both the good and the bad.

After having a very heart-wrenching year, I thought the best way to turn this negative into a positive was to self-reflect and impart all of the things that I have learned about myself so that perhaps someone out there can benefit and learn from the mistakes I've made so that they can avoid making the same mistakes themselves!

So, while I explore this journey, I have decided to write a series articles about my reflections on life as they pertain to love, self-realization, and the law of attraction to name a few things. If anything I write even has the slightest positive impact on just one person out there reading it, then I will feel that this blog was a complete success.

Also, if there is anyone out there which would like to contribute an article they have written on self-realization, happiness, or the law of attraction, please feel free to email me and I would love to put your article up on this website!

For now, enjoy!

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