Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Review: A NEW EARTH, by Eckhart Tolle

A friend of a friend told me about "A New Earth" so since I needed something to distract my mind, I decided to read it. But it was a friend of a friend who recommended it, and not Oprah since I don't watch Oprah. It was a friend...of a friend.

This book is marginally related to the law of attraction but worthy of being reviewed since it focuses on shedding all of your negative thinking, past regrets, and worries about the future. Even the author mentions how once you are able to enjoy the present moment without carrying around self-defeating thoughts, somehow good things start happening, and those desires you had in your heart begin to manifest. Don't get me wrong though, manifesting is not what the bulk of this book is about. However, this book is one method that some may find useful if they want to clear out feelings of depression or regrets about the past or worries about the future. This will in turn clear the way for positive thinking which is the key ingredient to attracting what you want.

I don't usually feel any emotion when I read books, but this is the first book that I actually felt uncomfortable reading. The whole tone of the book was very eerie, disturbing and depressing. The author says that we are all insane (can't really disagree with him on that one), and how we need to just focus on every thing we do in front of us. Although I know this wasn't his point, it almost came across as though we were to walk around as present-focused robots. As humans however, we all identify ourselves by our past experiences and our future desires. I thought the most interesting part of this book was the description of the "pain-body" which is essentially a subconscious addiction to pain/anger that we all carry around and want to feed. This addiction is why society gravitates towards negative news stories, and killing in movies.

I recommend taking a look at this book in a bookstore or borrowing it from the library before you commit to buying it. See if the tone suits you. The Power of Now, the predecessor to this book, said the same thing but with a much nicer tone. It made society seem hopeless but more importantly didn't make me inspired about feeling better either. I wasn't feeling great before reading this book and considered murder-suicide after reading it. (just kidding in case any of you are suddenly thinking of calling 911).

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