Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Review: THE SECRET OF LETTING GO, by Guy Finley

So I first borrowed this book because I thought it was about using surrender to be able to more easily attract your desires. I was wrong. However, the book was still appropriate for me at the time since I was still hanging on to old memories of what could have been. I'm glad I borrowed this book.

Guy Finley has written this book as a sort of variety show. He has chapters which include interesting short stories, such as one in which a guy spends years digging in a cave for a hidden treasure only to find that once he stops trying to find the treasure it turns up in the most unexpected place. Guy also uses a lot of one-liner lists about letting go, for example "if you knew to do something differently, you would have." He goes on to discuss how letting go is freeing and means living in the present day to day instead of getting caught up in the past with regrets. I actually enjoyed reading the book.

Interestingly though, the better I felt over time, the more depressing the book was to read! I think that's a good sign though - when a self-help book sounds depressing that usually means you've been helped and are getting better. I checked out the author's website, and he has some online videos, however if you like the way he writes, I would recommend just read the books since the mystique of who is writing this nice material adds to its credibility in some weird way.

For those of you who think they have some old baggage they need to get rid of, I moderately recommend this book. You definitely don't need to read it from front to back - it's more like one of those things you can pick up, open it up to any page and get a sample of inspiration. But I think this is a better book for those with deeper wounds from their past. It might not cure you but if you can open your heart a bit, it may help guide you towards greener pastures. And those pastures will not have cow dung in them.

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