Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Live Your Best Life

At a cooking class deep in Thailand in the fields of Chiang Mai.  What an amazing experience.

What does it mean to live your best life?  Oprah talks about it all of the fact she probably has a trademark on it.

I found myself sitting in my office (not my home office), considering the routine I had fallen into.  Trying to get bigger tasks done each day - remember the prior article on high level v. low level -  only to be stymied, without fail, by small fires that would inevitably arise every single day.  From my list of 10 things to do each day, I would normally end up getting about only one of them done.  And you know what?  I was getting frustrated, more and more.  All of these fires were caused by other people's incompetence and every day I would end up, and still end up, performing these low level tasks.  

Stuck in routine.  We as creatures of habit can find comfort in that routine, even when it is comfortable.  For me, within a short period of time I find myself to be a caged animal.  So what to do?  GET OUT.  The people that have regrets in life are the people that did not try new things.  It is always better to try something you are not sure about, than regret not having done it later (unless we are talking about risking your health or safety).  What I have found refreshes me is to not let myself fall into the mold and you should consider it as well.

What mold are we referring to?  The mold which prescribes that we go to an offices or specific job from 9 to 5 every day.  The mold that says once you commit to a career, you have to stay in it and build your life around that.  BORING.  What if you special skills in unrelated areas?  Should they go to waste because apparently you are only allowed to stay and build yourself in one career?  I think not.

Turn your passions into hobbies and into businesses.  If you aren't happy in what you're doing, then do something else.  It will take risk.  And yes, it is easy to say if you don't have big bills and a family to support.  This is your one chance to live your best life - if you're not as happy as you can be now, it is not going to get any easier and life is far to short to be miserable.

Live your best life.  Every time you have a feeling of uneasiness, act on it and do something with it.  Tired of looking at a computer screen?  Stand up and go take a walk.  Don't look at the clock wondering when you can leave to take a break, take it now.  Follow your impulses!  I myself need to do more of that.  Bored with the city you're in?  Go take a trip!  If you can't afford one, jump on a bus and change your environment!!!

Change starts today, right now.  Not tomorrow.  You don't need to wait for new year's to change.  Live can go by quickly.  Live your best life now, today.  Don't be afraid., just take that first step.

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