Saturday, September 18, 2010

Going One Step Further

Thank you to ALL and EVERYONE who has ever read this blog. I am writing this to announce a few changes that will be taking place. Don't worry, this isn't an announcement that this blog will be shutting down since I don't have time to write anymore. Quite the opposite. I have decided to put more time and effort into maintaining this. If anyone gets anything out of it, whether a smile, knowledge, or even some help that saves one of their own animal family members, then it would make all of this worth it. Actually, all of this is worth it anyway, because I get to speak (type) from the heart and that alone makes it worthwhile!

SO - a few upcoming changes:

1) A new domain name! I haven't decided on it yet, but will do so soon at which point will point to the new domain (you have to admit, the current one is ridiculously long).
2) I am going to work on a slightly new and appealing layout.
3) And the biggest of them all, is that I want to start adding video blogging to this site. I think it will be a new way to spice things up around here.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure and spend time with everyone you love, animal, human, or plant.

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