Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surrender Part 1 of 2

Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle in allowing the law of attraction to work effectively is the ability to surrender your desire to the Universe. The Secret talks of this in another way - unwavering faith exhibited by acting and believing that you already have received what you asked for. While this is a necessary component, I believe that true surrender is the real magical ingredient to manifesting what you want.

Surrender does not come easy. When so many law of attraction books discuss keeping your desires at the forefront of your mind, and just as many promote vision boards, etc., why on eart would I be talking about surrender -a nd more importantly, what the hell is "surrender" anyway?

To me, surrender means to bury your desire in your subconscious and stop thinking about it. This sounds counter-intuitive but consider the times in your life when your dreams or desires have actually come true. Consistently, when you stopped thinking about, worrying about, or ruminating about it. It is when you stop caring that suddenly the Universe starts moving in your direction.

Consider the following examples:

1. how many of us have wished they could meet a great guy or girl but never can? Finally, frustrated, you give up on your search and guess what happens? There's a reason so many people say they met their soulmate when they least expected it and had given up looking.

2. have you ever had a difficult time getting a job? You may search for months or longer and you finally get one. But guess what happens as soon as you get one? All of a sudden you start getting job opportunities and offers that you never even asked for.

I could continue with examples but there is a common denominator to the manifestation of my desires - they have all occurred when I stopedt hinking about them and focused my attention elsewhere. Ultimately, even without knowing, I had surrendered my wish and only then did the Universe do its magic and in some of the most wonderous ways that I can't begin to explain.

So how do we stop thinking about a wish and "surrender"? Tune in to part 2 for the answer to that!

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