Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kanye West and the Law of Attraction

Since it happens so often, I've decided to start documenting a bit more, my experiences with quantum physics and its more commercialized version, "the law of attraction". Let's start with today.

The VMA Awards were already a month ago. For some reason, I decided to watch a rerun of it the other night on the TV, only to hear the new Kanye West song, "Runaway". I didn't think anything of the song nor was it one of those songs that replayed in my head. I had never heard it on the radio or TV so I figured it didn't go anywhere. Today about about 4:00pm I was working when for some reason the song popped back into my head. I couldn't shake it. I ended up spending about 20 minutes looking for it on youtube and finally found a decent version to listen to. It was a decent song after all!

Two minutes later, I turned on the TV for the first time that day. The TV turned on with the face of Kanye West on the Ellen show. I didn't even have to change the channel - he was right there talking about his new album/song. Within about 15 seconds, they started playing the video for that song that I had just been looking for, but had been having a hard time finding a decent version of on youtube!

Coincidence? Doubt it. Stay tuned.

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