Thursday, May 20, 2010

Speaking It Into Existence

Be careful not only of the thoughts you carry in your head and in your heart, but also what you say. You can speak things into existence by a mere word. Just recently, I had difficulty in a dear relationship. For the whole year, things were blissful, however so good were things in my life I started to say that sooner or later, my great ride was going to come to an end. I don't know why I started saying it, but I did. When shopping for a gift for our one year anniversary, I started planting the seeds of destruction by telling the sales clerks at jewelry stores that it was a word record for me to have achieved a one year relationship.

Within days after our first anniversary, without a word, and for reasons that someone remain a mystery, my relationship began to unravel. For those who have followed this blog, they know the pain I suffered last time, but the great wisdom that arose from that pain. One parallel I found was that we can in fact "jinx" things by thinking the wrong way and speaking the wrong way. Remember, the Universe is always listening.

If this is the demise of another relationship, I take the blame. I spoke it into existence by anticipating an end, and even speaking it. I do hope everything works out and am changing my tune. Nonetheless, I encourage everyone out there reading this to guard not only what you think, but what you say. It will most definitely come true, in one way or another.

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